Achieve rooftop access with TILT skylights

TILT has developed a specifiable skylight that enables roof terrace access without interrupting neighbours’ views. The Roof Terrace Skylight is the only operable glass skylight on the market that can be utilised with a standard staircase. Tim Phillips explains the benefits of this new system…

Where have TILT Skylights been installed?

We’ve installed six TILT Skylights in the last six months. The design is an evolution from previous designs for residences at Tamarama and Potts Point. We have custom designed and developed these systems into a standard design that is easier to specify and more cost effective.

Our recent project at Dover Heights has enabled the client to enjoy rooftop access and 360 degree panoramic views of Sydney. The operable skylights, which double as a roof access hatch, have a low profile to ensure neighbouring property views are not obstructed.

When should an architect consider integrating a TILT Skylight into their designs?

The integration of TILT Skylights should be considered in the early structural development stage to ensure they can be cost effectively integrated into the design. We provide a structurally certified steel frame and can integrate various glass types that satisfies the client’s aesthetic and thermal requirements whilst addressing any specific BASIX requirements.

What are the costs?

The cost for the fully commissioned product is around $20,000 The skylights are generally installed by the builder with supervision provided by TILT. The skylights are then maintained by the TILT service team.

TILT Skylights are 100% Australian made and fabricated using local suppliers and materials.

Importantly, the return on investment can be significant, by offering homeowners rooftop access and the opportunity for enhanced property views.

Aside from the return on investment, what are the main benefits?

The first and obvious benefit is the increased natural light and ventilation into the home.

The second benefit, and what I believe to be of most value, is where you have a fixed envelope for building heights. Many architects want to achieve higher ceiling and roof heights without encroaching on neighbouring property views. The TILT Skylights have a low profile and enable rooftop access without compromising neighbouring property views, unlike any other product I am aware of on the market.

The TILT Skylights can be explored through new interactive software that has been developed to enable architects, their clients and builders to gain a better understanding of the functionality and specifications of the product in virtual reality. Tim Phillips will launch this software at the DesignBUILD Incubator from 4-6 May at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you are interested in trialing this software, please email Tim Phillips – 

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