Operable Skylights Maximising the Potential for Architects

Over five years ago, architect Virginia Kerridge was working on a design for a residence in Sydney’s Tamarama, where beautiful views beckoned from the upside of a sloping site.

To take advantage of the views, Virginia envisioned a rooftop terrace to extend the living space to the outdoors whilst taking full advantage of the surrounding environment.

The conventional solution for this would have been a hatch, however the architect’s idea was to maximise the roof level whilst complying with height restrictions so no extended structure was required above. It was then that TILT Industrial Design came on board, collaborating with Virginia Kerridge to create what has become one of its signature products: the operable skylight. The skylight provides a low profile, architecturally designed product in keeping with the home’s refined aesthetic, not just an industrial access solution.

The skylight was designed to comply with a standard architectural staircase and associated building codes. This meant it needed to be long enough to facilitate the required 2 metre headroom clearance at the bottom of the stairs. At 3.5 metres in length, TILT’s skylight was long compared to those commercially available.

TILT’s skylights have since evolved to be incorporated in many more architect-designed projects, providing a reliable and cost effective solution to maximising roof levels and build height.

Working closely with architects, TILT provides documentation to support the skylight product – animations and renders, site integration documents and installation management videos. The skylights can be delivered as standard or custom made to suit particular projects and TILT also offers maintenance of the skylight on site to ensure architects and their clients feel at ease with an operable solution.

One of the key strengths of the TILT team is in providing solutions to unique design concepts that architects bring, just like Virginia Kerridge did. We look forward to exploring many more exciting new design ideas at Sydney Build on March 15 and 16.

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