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Bunurong – Operable Facade

TILT was engaged to design, manufacture and install an operable glass façade for a chapel in Bunurong Memorial Park, Melbourne.

As the chapel is cantilevered over a lake, the design offers patrons open air access to the environment as desired, and protection from the elements when necessary. This flexibility in design enables the client to offer a unique facility capable of making the most of all weather conditions.


The façade consists of three large curved windows which form a floor-to-ceiling glass window in the ‘closed’ position. These windows then subsequently slide down to waist height, creating a balustrade in the ‘open’ position.

Each curved window weighs approximately two tonnes and is 7m long x 2.5m high. The windows are raised and lowered by means of synchronised electric actuators. We invested a significant amount of time cross referencing the interface between the products and ensuring that weatherproofing and connection details were well resolved.