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Crows Nest – Ventilation Skylight

TILT designed a custom skylight for this Crows Nest home which reveals views that would otherwise be hidden.

The skylight also provides increased ventilation and natural light to the space.

TILT’s design is aesthetically beautiful – made from a large single pane of glass. This is a result unable to be replicated by standard skylights, which would have required a series of several individual frames.


The project’s major challenge was the size of the skylight, which we maximised to a point where there was no need for a mullion to reinforce the pane.

TILT collaborated closely with the architect to optimise the design and balance aesthetics with cost.

The ventilation skylight is based on the same mechanical and structural principles as TILT roof terrace skylights, and is particularly beneficial for pitched roofs.

This is one of several custom skylights delivered for Virginia Kerridge Architect.