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‘Dragon Gate’

The ‘Dragon Gate’ installation is comprised of several elements. Two prominent glass features sit in the forecourt of the building, supported by a series of four pieces in the adjoining laneway.

The location of the artworks, the composition of the images, and the chosen colour palette was driven by the developer’s strong feng shui objectives for the project.

The graphic images were developed from conceptual samples provided by the artist, and scaled up to suit the dimensions of the project.

TILT digitally printed the designs for the forecourt boxes onto laminated glass panels.

The graphics for the laneway boxes were digitally printed onto vinyl and applied to composite panel. The panels are bonded to steel sub-frame ensuring a robust and graffiti-resistant result.

All structures were certified to comply with relevant Australian Standards.

TILT’s scope of works included design development and structural engineering, visualisation, fabrication, and installation.


Artist’s Statement:

The artworks portray the legend of the Dragon Gate.  Ancient Chinese Dragons are symbols of cosmic Chi (energy).  They are considered the most potent of all Chinese symbols embracing good fortune, strength, prosperity and enlightenment.  The legend depicts the struggle of multitudes of Koi fish to overcome rapids, cascades, and many other obstacles to reach the top of a waterfall at the river’s source. Here they face the Dragon Gate!  Whoever jumps over is transformed into a Dragon. The ‘Dragon Gate’ artwork is a symbol of striving and achievement in business or academic life. The Koi and Dragon artworks encourage individuals to strive and persevere to elevate themselves towards good health, fulfilment and wealth.

– Ross Shepherd (Director – Site Image)

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