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Invisible is the result of an artistic collaboration between Graham Chalcroft, Kerrie Kenton & Jacqueline Wallace. It was inspired by the intangible, unseen history of Parramatta, the land, and the people. It narrates the connections between Parramatta’s first people, the Darug and settler Colonists and Maori.

TILT was commissioned to design, engineer, construct and install the artwork. This was achieved by working closely with the artists to ensure the artistic objectives were met.


The artwork consists of two freestanding, semi-circle arc walls, encircling a laser cut ‘tree’. The cylindrical form invites the public to explore, and evokes a sense of belonging, reflection, relaxation and remembrance.

The internal faces are clad with a reflective mirror composite material, which captures and reflects the surrounding environment.

The external faces are covered in a multi-layered vinyl graphic, reflecting the thematic narrative of weaving, trade and kinship. Both the internal and external spaces create an invisible barrier, a camouflage effect of the surrounding environment.