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La Boheme – Sliding Roof

La Boheme Restaurant & Bar in Glebe, Sydney is situated in an authentically European stonemason cottage, attracting visitors and loyal customers from all over the city.

We created an alfresco atmosphere by bringing in natural light and ventilation to the space.

TILT custom designed and constructed an operable glass sliding roof to match the client’s request of being fully operable, weatherproof and trafficable.

The glass retractable roof covers a central void area of 2.3m x 4.1m and can be opened in favourable weather conditions or fully closed and sealed when it rains without blocking the natural light.

A main frame, static glass panel and another 2m x 2m sliding glass panel makes up the operable glass sliding roof system. The roof can be stopped anywhere along its track when operated via a switch panel.


“The retractable roof system provides an attractive aesthetic for our patrons. It complements the theme of the restaurant and is often remarked on by those lucky enough to enjoy its benefits during dinner. The design considered everyday general use and also took into consideration the difficult installation location and long term maintenance.”