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‘Memory Fragments’

Following successful submission of the artist concepts, TILT was commissioned to complete design development, engineering, and construction of the artwork.

“Memory Fragments’ public art by Ross Shepherd, is an installation of image slices on vertical blades, interpreting a postage stamp of the first Merinos, with the image distorted/saturated with colour to show how fragments of facts create enhanced ‘memories’ of history. The ‘stamp’ references 40 years of postal sorting on this site, and the flickering effect of endless stamped envelopes passing the eyes of sorting staff.


The form of vertical blades at varying intervals along the roadway shows slices of the stamp image separated, while a composite single image of the stamp can be viewed from certain angles.

This dynamic visual effect gives distinctive contemporary expression to the history of Australia Post at this site 50 years ago. The flickering effect of many passing stamps on envelopes would have created a striking impact on the 1,000 workers who sorted the mail here during the peak of its operation.”

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