• Counterbalanced Pivot Windows - panovscott Architects
  • Exposed mechanics of Counterbalanced Pivot Windows
  • Counterbalanced Pivot Windows designed by TILT
  • Counterbalanced Pivot Windows designed by TILT

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Mosman – Counterbalanced Pivot Windows

A collaboration with panovscott Architects to design and develop custom operable pivoting windows that offer the homeowners light filled living and an all-weather terrace.

Designed as a series of 3 windows each 4.3 m x 3.2 m that are fully automated utilising expressed mechanical gears and chains to create a unique industrial aesthetic.

Consideration was taken to ensure wind loads in the exposed location and operational safety parameters were properly addressed.

Tilt were also commissioned to design a set of complementary large format doors opening out onto an adjoining terrace space.

A great partnership between panovscott Architects, All Design Construction and TILT to provide a functioning space full of natural light that opens to panoramic views of Sydney harbour.