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Redfern – Sliding Roof

TILT designed a custom sliding roof for this Redfern terrace home.

The project focused strongly on passive heating and cooling. As such, our sliding roof needed to provide a high level of ventilation and be environmentally efficient.

Our design incorporates a high performing double-glazed glass to maximise thermal performance.

TILT also integrated a separate automated shading system into the sliding roof’s control panel, allowing roof and shading to work effortlessly as one. The shading system allows hot air to escape from the space, while drawing in more natural light than a closed ceiling.

The sliding roof has become a key feature of the project and sits over the central living area of the home. The design integrates seamlessly with the architects’ vision.

TILT worked flexibly and collaboratively with the architect to accommodate their clients’ desires of thermal performance and high-beauty aesthetics.