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‘Shedding Skin’

Artist’s Statement:

The Sydney Blue Gum or Eucalyptus Saligna is a hardwood flowering tree spanning up to 65 metres in height that is commonly found along the east coast of NSW and QLD. One of the features of this magnificent tree is its multiple layers of coarse and textured bark reveal a silvery white patterned trunk.

I designed a sculpture that echoed these trunk patterns, symbolising the change of the site and region over time from bushland to farms and modern commercial buildings. Giffnock Avenue in Macquarie Park is where the sculpture stands prominently, embedded in the landscaped gardens of a commercial business park. The area was named Wallumatta by the Wallumettagal Aboriginal tribe, then became North Ryde and is now Macquarie Park. The symbolism parallels the need for ongoing personal change and renewal in a constantly changing world.



TILT brought Ross’ Shedding Skin concept to life, by first building a curved rendered concrete wall with multi-layered offset panels made from stainless steel applied. Then, corten weathering steel was added, which can only be described as the pertinent element to achieve the overall effect of emotional appeal. Since the installation of Ross Shepherd’s Shedding Skin artwork in July 2014, the weathering steel has achieved a greater depth of wear, proving that many things do indeed improve with age.

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