• Exposed mechanics of an operable counterbalanced single panel garage door
  • Exposed mechanics of operable counterbalanced garage door
  • Counterbalanced operable garage door opening and closing using single piece of steel frame clad perforated and anondised with aluminium panels
  • Inside detailing of counterbalanced single panel garage door
  • Perforated and anondised panel of counterbalanced single panel garage door

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Surry Hills – Counterbalanced Garage Door

Downie North Architects and EB Construction approached TILT with a concept to design a large single panel counterbalanced garage door for a residential warehouse conversion in Surry Hills.

The design intent was to present the feature as a continuous form of the facade, representing as a single element to complement the urban surrounds. The counterbalancing mechanisms were also to be exposed to tie into this aesthetic which combines untouched heritage structures complemented with high-tech contemporary materials.

TILT designed the 6m x 2m operable garage door using a single piece steel frame clad with perforated and anodised aluminium panels. Paying great attention to detail, the door is designed such that the hole pattern is continuous across individual sheets.

The door is operated by a series of pullies led by a motor and counterweight system. The counterweight system is beautifully encased to highlight the expressed mechanical elements, and it disappears into a void when the door is opened and reappears once the door is closed.

A collaborative effort between Downie North Architects, EB Construction and TILT to deliver a functional piece of architecture whilst maintaining the aesthetic vision.

TILT was also engaged to deliver a custom operable roof-access skylight opening up to rooftop living opportunities.