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‘Wish Happiness’

‘Wish Happiness’ is a large-scale interactive art installation designed by artist Kristina Mah for the 2018 Vivid Sydney festival.

Inspired by the traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice of spinning prayer wheels, the installation invites visitors with colour and light to turn the base to generate and transmit a collective wish for peace and happiness to all beings by turning the wheel of positive energy.

The piece is part of her PhD candidacy and will be used to investigate design strategies for engaging the community to interact with technology inspired by Eastern philosophy and how this affects their experience.

TILT collaborated on the project by designing and creating the mechanical elements and building the structure in conjunction with the artist and her projection team.




The carousel features three projectors in the roof and an animation of mandala. As the carousel is turned, the imagery evolves with each rotation of the turning wheel and a mechanical bell rings appealing to a multi-sensory experience for the visitor. Sensors capture the speed of rotation of the base as it is being turned by visitors and this is mapped to the responsive, animated projection-mapped image.

TILT worked alongside the technical team of Craig Laurendet and Trevor Collict to ensure the image rotations work as envisioned by the artist. During the fabrication process, public safety and other hazards have been considered, as the space around the carousel needed to allow participation within a crowded Vivid Sydney environment

TILT has been delighted to be part of this project – joining artist Kristina Mah and her team to assist with design, fabrication and installation of this fantastic artwork.

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