The benefits of operable architecture

Writer David Mousa interviewed Tim Phillips recently about the potential and benefits of operable architecture and how TILT is influencing this space.

Operable Architecture has not propelled in the industry with great momentum until now, which Phillips attributes to architects being concerned about liability.

Yet it is TILT’s business and operational model which has allowed operable architecture to flourish in Australia. By providing operable architecture as a product and assuming the liability, architects and consumers now have greater confidence.

“People ride in lifts everyday and hang air conditioners off the side of buildings and don’t think twice about it because they know there are systems around to support them,” said Phillips.

“What we’re trying to do is provide that package of comfort to everyone in the food chain – from satisfying the aesthetical needs of the architect and the cost and long term service requirements of the client, through to providing increased functionality in an alfresco dining space for patrons – it’s about ensuring everyone is served well.”

While some contractors provide products which are designed and manufactured or supplied and installed, TILT has a much different model.

“The focus of TILT is to provide the architect and a building with a long-term turnkey solution which involves the design, construction, installation and then the maintenance of the unit to ensure everyone’s comfortable with the product moving forward.”

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