TILT’s automated skylights & hatches

TILT Industrial design were featured on the Architecture and Design and Archititizer websites earlier this year, showcasing our automated skylights and hatches for high-end architectural products.

Made to order, these operable glass skylights are the only skylights available that can be used with a standard staircase, giving architects design freedom to think outside typical construction methods.

TILT’s skylights open up opportunities for roof terraces – often with spectacular views – to become an extension of the home and also provide an increase in light and ventilation for the interior.

The thinking behind the design is in line with TILT’s focus on allowing architects to bring their concept ideas to fruition by using the latest technologies and innovative manufacturing and it has been described as making “moving architecture a possibility again.”

TILT are delighted with the positive reception the automated skylights and hatches have received from the architectural industry and look forward to continuing to create systems that follow the creative intent of its designer.

See more of our automated skylights and hatches projects here.

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