Tim Phillips profiled on Architecture & Design

Leading online Australian design news website, Architecture&Design, spoke to Tim recently about heliostats, why industrial design in architecture is important and the barriers to successful design integration for industrial design. Below is an extract from the Tim Phillips interview. Read the full interview here.

How do you think architects can benefit from industrial design? 

The relationship between architects and industrial designers has not been well explored.

I see the opportunity for architects and industrial designers to work outside of the constraints of traditional building materials and construction methodologies to deliver concepts that push the boundaries of architectural design. I see the position of the industrial designer as not limited to creating objects that sit within a built structure, but rather deliver concepts that are extensions of the building itself. By utilising modern materials and advanced manufacturing processes, the industrial design process can realise architectural vision and provide creative freedom.

 How difficult is it for architects to incorporate industrial design in their projects?

The barriers to successful design integration often lie in a lack of project delivery confidence and concerns over contractual responsibility. An architect needs to develop a relationship with a design firm who can explore new ideas and confirm the feasibility of the concept before committing to the detailed design. The feasibility assessment should consider not just the design in general, but the complexities of installation and maintenance methodology as well.

From a project management perspective, an industrial design firm that assumes contractual responsibility for design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the feature provides the confidence a client needs to pursue creative architecture.

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