Westmead Children’s Medical Research Institute unveils honour roll wall

The TILT team enjoyed supporting the CMRI Board with design facilitation for its honour roll wall, ensuring the artwork is child safe and structurally sound. We also facilitated integration of Feng Shui design criteria into the elements and managed production and installation.

The Westmead facility has unveiled its honour roll wall in recognition of its generous donors. Without their contributions, CMRI researchers couldn’t achieve the medical breakthroughs they make in the treatment and prevention of childhood disease.

It consists of 10 rainbow-coloured helix-shaped structures which resemble DNA strands. Each helix includes gold, silver and bronze plaques with the names of 79 donors and space for more to come.

Feng shui principles are also reflected in the honour roll wall, located to the south of the building to represent fire energy and is a good direction for a strong reputation. The colours of red, orange, gold, blue and green represent the five elements and move in a productive cycle, while the upward movement of the DNA strands represent upward growth.

Tilt were delighted to be a part of this project and support the work of CMRI.

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